Mustać Mustać  

Welcome to the webpage for the specialized veteriinarian practice «Mustać» for small animals. 71, R. F. Mihanović Street, Borik, Zadar.

In our vetrinarian clinic we conduct various specialzed operative surgeries, diagnosis and therapy for your pets in a modern, equipped enviroment with a highly trained staff. The veterinary clinic has the most modern diagnostic equipment that is used today in modern european veterinary clinics.

The specialised veterenary clinic for small animals «Mustać» is registered for specialised check-ups, operations and the treatment of dogs and cats, as well as other pets (birds, guinea-pigs, chipmunks, rabbits, bunnies)


The clinic is specialised for all types of ophthalmic surgeries and diagnostic methods in the ophthamology of dogs and cats, operative sanations and the healing of broken bones and diseases of the joints, as well as the diagnosis and therapy of various dermatological, internal and dental pathological states in household pets.


The clinic possesses all the most modern diagnostic equpment that is used today in specialistic practices. RTG machine, ultrasound, complete blood diagnosis and the diagnosis of urine and various other diagnostic tests for the speedy discovery of the illness of your pets.


In the case that you cannot come to the clinic, we do house visits, by appointment.


Along with the clinic, we also offer beauty treatments for your pets. (Haircuts, bathing, brushing, trimming, shaving).


You can pay by credit card (Visa, Visa electronic, MasterCard, MasterCard electronic, Maestro)



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