Our Clinic

A modernized and newly furnished specialized veterinarian clinic which fully conforms to the needs of both patients and the veterinary standards. We offer a quick and complete internal, dermatological, stomatological and pathological treatment along with detailed diagnosis and minimal stress for the patient. We also perform surgical, ophthalmological and orthopedic operations, with a highly professional staff.

Dr. Josip Mustać

Doctor Josip Mustać, owner of a specialised veterinary practice, completed his master's degree at the Veterinary University in Zagreb at the clinic for surgery, orthopedia and ophthamology on March 13th, 2009.

His thesis topic was Emergency situations in veterinary ophthalmology.

He specialises in ophthalmology and orthopedy for dogs and cats, and in the period from 2006 – 2019 has successfully completed various seminars and workshops on that topic.


Since the opening of the clinic, many specialised ophthalmological and orthopedic sanations have been successfully completed. The most common ophthalmological pathologies in our practice have been: proptosis and prolapsus bulbi oculi (pug, shih-tzu, pekingese).
Common are also damage to the cornea, due to factors such as foreign objects, chemicals, trauma, hyphaema, ablatio retine as well as bacterial and viral infections.
Present are also other ophthalmological pathologies such as: entropium palpebrae, obstructio of nasolacrimal chanal (poodle, malteser), perforatio of foreign body in anterior and posterior camerae oculi, conjunctivitis, uveitis, glaucoma (cocker spaniel, siberian husky, poodle and beagle).
It must also be mentioned that in the summer months, especially in the region of Zadar, we have a large number of grass in the eye, nostril and ear canal that are successfully treated; taking the pets to the clinic on time is of the upmost importance in these situations, for if, for example, a foreign body in the eye is left untreated for a few days vision damage and even blindness may occur. In the case of a prolapsus of the gland of membrana nictitans we do operation with Kaswan method. An operation of the grey cataract has been successfully given to many dogs in the specialised veterinary clinic Mustać using the method of extracapsular enucleatio of the lens , which is only used in a few clinic in Croatia.


The most common pathologies in our veterinary practice are various fractures of the long bones, less commonly of the pelvis and the back.

Specialised orthopedic surguries are done using alantesis.

In the case of fractures without movement (of the bone) plaster casts or ace-bandages may be used.

In orthopedia operative surgery of ruptures of the fore cruciatum ligaments of the knees (of most types of dogs), as well as operative sanations of the medial luxatio of patellae (in most smaller types of dogs) are also sometimes seen.

Other pathologies include isolated processus anconeus, isolated processus coronoideus ulnae and aseptic necroses of the head of the femor (Legg-calve Perthes pathologies).